How the heck do we travel so much ?!

How the heck do you guys travel so much? This is the most common question that my partner Awshesh and I get asked most frequently by our friends, family, acquaintances and pretty much anyone who knows about our travel stories of have us added on Facebook.  I have heard variations of this question asked with... Continue Reading →

Rome on a dime

Rome – The eternal city. They say Rome was not built in a day and hence one short visit was not enough for me to experience the city. This was my third visit to Rome. Awshesh and I decided to visit Rome through the back door, scouting out its off-beat, exquisite treasures. We visited the... Continue Reading →

Beas Kund trek- Himachal, India

Someone once told me-  You are missing on how peaceful existence can be if you have not camped under the stars in the Himalayas cut off from all human habitation. My, it was true! In the summer of 2017 I noticed in my calendar that there was a long weekend in June and I could... Continue Reading →

Srinagar- Kashmir, India

We went to Srinagar only as a stopover before flying out to Delhi but fell in love with the city with floating homes. The second row in the Dal lake is a completely different world in Srinagar, much quieter that the first row, with no traffic noises coming from the road that goes past the... Continue Reading →

Varenna, Lake Como Italy

Varenna is a scenic place situated on the coast of lake Como. We visited Varenna in March 2016. We arrived in Varenna from Milan by catching a local train from Milan central station. we had reached Milan by an overnight bus from Paris and finally reached Varenna around noon. After taking in the first breathtaking... Continue Reading →

Assisi – Umbria wine region Italy

Assisi- The embodiment of my sweet Italian “La dolce vita” travel dream. Month travelled in : April It was the last stop of our month- long travel in Europe. We wanted it to be slightly off the hordes of tourists , relaxed, in a scenic place. Actually we wanted it in the midst of vineyards.... Continue Reading →

Kaluk/ Bermiok – Sikkim, India

Travelled in :Month of November It was one of my many trips to Sikkim, India over the last two decades since childhood. However, this time it was off the beaten track. I was headed to Kaluk and Hee-Bermiok,in west Sikkim. I travelled in the month of November which had beautiful weather. Pleasant during the day... Continue Reading →

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