Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)- East meets West

Date: 30th March to April 3rd

Mostar, a land where the aroma of Bosnian coffee will freshen up your mornings and the evening lights on the Stari Most will leave you enchanted with the special aura of this paradise. We had one of the most amazing experiences in our trip to Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina). Exceptional hospitality, old world charm, great food are Mostar’s biggest draws. The setting of the town is the typical “East meets west” with centuries Turkish influence and towering minarets of mosques.



Buildings in Turkish style

By the bridge

We reached Mostar after an overnight eventful bus journey from Zagreb. We immediately witnessed the warm hospitality of Mostar as we were picked up from Bus station (Mostar-West) by our apartment owner and were lodged in the most comfortable accommodation of our month-long Europe trip. Our accommodation was a spacious two bedroom flat at the edge of the historic old town and costed us only 20 euros per night in April 2018.

We reached the old town in afternoon and had our first look of Stari Most, the iconic old bridge which was destroyed in 1993 war and restored later using the same Turkish architecture techniques from the 16th century.The walk through old town takes you to an old world with small shops selling artworks, souvenirs and eateries which have great food with awesome views of Neretva and Stari Most.

The Crooked Bridge as shown below, in one edge of the old town is charming and cosy.


Lunch at Restaurant Divan – dramatic setting by the stream


Lunch ( below) at Sadarvn restaurant


Mostar is a place to relax and unwind. The food has a great amount of variety, the restaurants are often set in dramatic locations and the prices are very pocket friendly compared to western Europe.

Quick Tips:

Getting there

  • Mostar is well connected with Dubrovnik ( Croatia) and Sarajevo airports. By bus Dubrovnik is about 3 hours away. We took an overnight bus( luxury coach) by  Buscroatia rom Zagreb, Coatia that took about 10 hours and costed around 25 euros.


  • Get whole apartment for yourself as it’s comparatively affordable than any other central European country. Our 2 BHK costed us 20 euros per night with every homely comfort available. Alternativey there are many rooms for rent/ hotels/ guest houses to stay

Moving around

  • Mostar old town can all be accessed on foot. Please wear shoes with good grip as the cobble stone streets here are different from other parts of Europe and can get extremely slippery especially if it rains a bit.
  • From Mostar you can also take a day trip to Blagaj , Kravice and Pocitelj and it can be as cheap as 45 euros (private taxi with driver). For more details see our separate post on this day trip.

Places to Eat

  • Sadrvan : Sea Food platter is really good here
  • Deewan: View from this place is to die for and of course food here just makes it better.
  • Try out Bosnian Coffee at one of the old coffee places on the main street.
  • Try out Bosnian/ Turkish sweet dishes like Baklava, Smokvara

Things to do

  • Walk around old town
  • Visit Koski Mehmed Pasha mosque
  • Visit the traditional houses in Mostar old town
  • Chill out and eat your way through mostar


Sayani & Awshesh

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