Lahesh caves beyond Triund/ Dharamshala, India

Month traveled :April

I woke up in my sleeping bag in my tent. I was in the lap of the Himalayas with no human habitation around me. There were the two other tents around me with four other trekkers. Two of them I had made friends with yesterday and had come with them till Snow line from the start of the trek. The place was Snow line, 2 Kms beyond Triund near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. To read about mytrek reaching up to Triund, click here – Trek to Triund /Snowline from Dharamshala


Hello from my tent 🙂


I had to pinch myself to believe the scenery around me. The sunlight was getting reflected on the snow of the mountains in front of us. There was only one tea shop that also provided us with tents, food etc. After completing our morning ablution we three talked to the café people and got ourselves a local guide to take us to the Lahesh caves that was 2 Kms away, further up in the mountains. Lahesh caves lies on the way to the Indrahar pass.. It was quite cold and I had come on this unplanned trek at the spur of the moment. Akshay lent me a shirt s an extra layer for protection.

I hadn’t slept well and was not feeling my best. However, my two new friends kept my spirits up and we started trekking up. After the first 500 meters the elevation and steep climb really got to me. I was feeling out of breath, extreme weakness and was afraid that AMS (acute mountain sickness) was setting in. I offered to wait by a rock while they complete the trek and come back till that point. Akshay and Vincy did not to leave me alone there. There was a reason why. The area was covered with snow fields and our helpful guide had already told us horror stories how he has witnessed his aunt and also other trekkers step on snow covered crevices, drowned in snow and died.

Some snowfields below


With Akshay, Vincy and our guide Ratan ji


So they boosted my morale, gave me glucose and water. I started feeling better after taking the glucose, though glucose is not recommended on long treks due to sugar spurts followed by feeling of exhaustion. We trekked up the snowfields. The dark grey clouds hug low, black ravens flew by and finally we reached Lahesh caves. It was a stunning sight, one of the best I have seen in my life. Here are some pictures.



After taking some rest, we climbed back to Snowline and had lunch. Post lunch we trekked back to Galu temple via Triund and drove back to Mc.Leodgunj. To celebrate our successful trek we went to a beer place and washed the day down with some chilled beer.


Quick tips

  • Trek distance-  Reach Dharamshala /  McLeodgunj from Delhi by overnight bus . there are ordinary , semi-deluxe, luxury A/C buses available from Delhi. You can also fly to the nearest airport at Gaggal.                                                                               Trail head –  Trek starts from Galu temple near Mc.Leodgunj. Distance  to Triund – 7  Km

Triund – Snow line  is 2 . You can camp at Snow line or Triund.

Snow line – Lahesh caves – 2.5 Km . There was no place to camp around Lahesh caves

  • Where to stay – You can camp at Triund or Snow line using your own gear. Alternatively , there are a few tea shops renting tents and sleeping bags in Triund. At Snow line there was one teashop in 2016. Very few people camp there but the location is fantastic. The cafe charged Rs.800 / night for a double tent, one sleeping mat, sleeping bag for one person.
  • Best time to visit  : April to October. Night temperature in April was close to 1 degree
  • Eat – Dal/ roti/ rice / maggi/ tea from the tea shops. Fresh vegetables are rare due to altitude. Typicals costs of a meal costed between Rs.80-200 depending on what you order.
  • Gear – Do wear trekking shoes with good traction. I wore my running shoes and slipped quite a few times.
  • Carry water/ fill up at the stream near Snowline while going to Lahesh caves, there was only no water source after the stream.
  • Guide charge RS 800 for 4-5 hours for trekking to lahesh caves.


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