Balgaj & Pocitelj- Day Trip from Mostar, Bosnia

Date: April 2nd

We took a hired taxi (with driver) from Mostar for a day trip( Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravice Waterfall) at around 9 am. As soon as we left the city limits, the beautiful landscape started to unravel itself.It was a treat to the eyes with clear blue skies marked with distant snow clad peaks and the grounds freckled with apple orchards ( although it wasn’t really the season)


On the way we saw breathtaking views like the one in the picture below:

enjoying the beautiful view
just a glimpse of eye treat coming up

Blagaj is famous for the Dervish monastery and it’s serene location will leave you stunned. It is located on the side of a river  Buna(joins into River Neretva later). We parked our car near the entrance and before heading to the monastery we crossed the river connected by a small bridge, the view from the bridge is a treat to the eyes. On the other side of the river we hiked for 5-10 mins towards the source of river and reached directly opposite the monastery.

on the short hike

The view from this vantage was stunning and we stayed there for 15 mins .In between, saw a man calling out for prayer (ajaan) from the monastery blagaj7.jpg

on the side of the bank , there a few eateries strewn along the bank and some of them partially submerged in water. we hiked back to the other side and entered the monastery. the entrance fee is 2 euros per person and you are supposed to wear respectable clothing (knee and shoulders covered).

Before entering the monastery we saw stairs on the right going a level below and we saw a completely different view of the river. On the monastery door, a sweet lady at the entrance offered sayani a cloth for covering her head. blagaj3.jpg

The Monastery has rooms with carpeted floor for praying and balconies overlooking the river. our next stop was Pocitelj. It is a small fortified town with a tower and lookout point on the hill, we hiked for 15-20 mins to reach the top and the view from the top was worth the sweat.




Reaching Balagaj and Pocitelj

  • Hire a taxi (with driver) from Mostar , it cost us 45 euros for the whole (It included Kravica in the day’s itinerary as well).
  • Mostar Airport is just 3 kms from Blagaj monastery.
  • there are buses from Mostar old town to Blagaj as well.




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