Varenna, Lake Como Italy

Varenna is a scenic place situated on the coast of lake Como. We visited Varenna in March 2016. We arrived in Varenna from Milan by catching a local train from Milan central station. we had reached Milan by an overnight bus from Paris and finally reached Varenna around noon. After taking in the first breathtaking view of Lake Como , we hiked for 10-15 minutes from train station to our hotel and along the way we saw first glimpse of the stunning lake Como.


We had our booked our stay at Hotel Montecodeno ( a small hotel run by mother and her son). We took a nap and then headed out for a stroll on the famous Lover’s walk (passerella) . At the end of the walk, we found a restaurant . The lunch was okay but the view left us blissfully satiated .the view of the lake with mount Bellagio in the backdrop is one to remember. We noticed that we were the only Asian people around there as people were looking at us curiously.



In evening, we roamed around a bit treating ourselves to our favorite thing to do- roaming around in streets lined with old architecture and gone-era eateries.


later that night, we had dinner at Ristorante Tratorria Cavallino . it was a small family run place. The food here was really good and we were also offered the local lemoncillo after dinner. the night was slightly chilly but nothing a good glass of wine couldn’t fix.


Next morning, we decided to take a small hike to fumelatte, a small hamlet near varenna. On the way we found tall trees and changing view of lake and the mount behind was worth the walk. below is the route taken by us.

fiumelatte hike


These were the initial days of our first trip to Europe together and Varenna will always have a special place in our hearts and we promised to each other to come back again someday. We headed towards Venice , another dreamy city which left indelible mark in our memories and Italy the country we fell in love with.

Quick Tips

  • Take a local train from Milan Central station to come to Varenna (Don’t forget to validate your ticket in the machine on the platform before you board the train). The ticket costed us less that 5 euros in 2016.
  • Please have some local currency (Euros) handy with you as some places may not take cards.
  • To do -Walk around, take the ferry that goes across to other coastal town like Como, Bellagio etc.
  • Eat – There are many restaurants  in Varenna , Ristorante Tratorria Cavallino deserves a special mention for their hospitality, great home made kind of food and ambience.


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