Beas Kund trek- Himachal, India

Someone once told me-  You are missing on how peaceful existence can be if you have not camped under the stars in the Himalayas cut off from all human habitation. My, it was true!

In the summer of 2017 I noticed in my calendar that there was a long weekend in June and I could potentially take two more days off, which would make it a 5 day long vacation. Given it was a really small break and I wanted to trek in the Himalayas, I has to choose a short trek. Beas kund trek fit the bill perfectly as it was a 3 day trek with two night of camping at the basecamp Bakarthach. The trek was organized by  a trek organizer company called Trek Trails –

About Trek Trails- The company is not as well known as some others but nonetheless it provided good services. The guides could have been better as I was not happy with their decision on the place they chose to cross the Beas river. Other than that, the food provided was delicious and dinner usually consisted of rice, roti, rajma, veggies, even sweet dishes like kheer. Tents and sleeping bags were clean and the pep talks at the start of each day were motivating.


Quick tips

  • Distance – The total distance covered was around 17 Kms over 3 days of trekking. The second day was strenuous that involved about 8 Kms of trekking and included the ascend to the Beas Kund.
  • Difficulty- This is a moderately. Difficult trek. Anyone with reasonable fitness can do it.
  • Preparation – Given that I have a typical desk job and usually only do light yoga and brisk walking 4 times a week for exercise, I decided to prepare a little a few weeks before the trek. I did a routine of squats, lunges , stretching yoga to make the actual trekking enjoyable for me.
  • Medication – As a preventive measure to Acute Mountain sickness, I started taking half a tablet Diamox from the day before the trek was about to start and continued it till the second day of the trek. This is completely discretionary and I did it after consulting a doctor.


Day 0

This was the day I flew from Bangalore to Delhi in the early morning and worked from Gurgaon office. Dropped my laptop with a colleague in Gurgaon. In the evening I boarded the overnight Volvo bus to Manali.

Day 1

Arrived in Manali, checked into a pre-booked hotel. The view from the hotel was nice. Chilled out for the day and had some trout fish for lunch.  In short just had a lazy day to gear up for the trek the next day.

Day 2

As instructed by Trek Trail all participants met at the market around 11. There were around 25 people in the group and about 40% were women. I was very happy to see that. Some of them had come in groups of friends and some were like me. We left in two tempo travelers and after waiting in Solang to work out some permit issues, reached Dhundi around 12.30. Started climbing up  and stopped for lunch around 1, by the beautiful Beas river. It was exciting to think that we would be seeing the source glacier of this river the next day!

On the way from Dhundi to Bakarthach- The path filled with wild flowers


After finishing lunch we kept climbing for around 3.30 hours to reach the campsite at Dhundi in the evening. It involved some parts and a stream crossing just before the campsite in Bakarthach.


The trek leaders and other members helped each other to cross the river. Good , waterproof trekking shoes are highly recommended. Fortunately ,I was wearing a pair.  After reaching the camp, we were shown to our tents. Tea and pakoda was served promptly. It was amazing to have this luxury in the middle of nowhere in such a beautiful place. Sererinity took a different meaning, being away from it all was beautiful.

Camp site at Bakarthach


Soon there was a bonfire and a quick round of introductions. Some games followed. Dinner followed and I went to sleep by 9.30.

Day 3

Woke up in the morning around 6 AM  and finished ablutions. Using the toilet tent was a new experience for me. After tea and breakfast we started for the Beas kund glacier around 8 AM. After a steep climb from Dhundi there was an area filled with loose boulders that we had to cross. The boulders were result of some landslide and not stable. Crossing that area was a test of patience and endurance. Next came a  river with strong currents that we had to cross. We were instructed to make human chains and cross so as to reduce the chance of one of us getting taken down by the current of the river. It was an adrenaline pumping time of the trek and all of us crossed safely but a girl in the group lost her shoes that she was carrying on her shoulders during the crossing. Make-shift shoes were made for her by putting a sole inside a spare pair of socks.

Near Beas kund


Crossing glaciers on the way to Beas kund


After the river crossing there were vast green meadows with snowfields rising from them. This was the most beautiful part of the trek, I couldn’t believe my eyes on how magnificent it was. We crossed this area and two small glaciers to reach the Beas kund glacier and lake around 12. Actually ,the snow was dark and I didn’t find the kund so attractive. However the journey to the kund was totally worth it. We had lunch there and descended back to Bakarthach.

Day 4

This was the last day of the trek. After breakfast we descended to Dhundi and travelled to Manali by tempo travelers. In the evening I boarded the bus to Manali and next morning flew back to Bangalore.







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